We are a leading profit recovery firms in South Africa that offers this range of services:


Our process is rigorous and attentive, and conducted by an experienced staff member, every step of the way. We analyse all relevant transactions within your business, going back up to five years.

Your staff involvement will be minimal, and the bulk of what we do is conducted off-site. Our senior-based approach also allows us to ensure total confidentiality throughout the process. Once complete, we not only deliver detailed reports on identified savings, but also on any identified weaknesses or areas of potential enhancement within your systems. 


VAT reviews

vat.jpgWe discover and recover unclaimed VAT/GST. To date we have recovered in excess of R750m ($AUD80m) for our clients.

Why a VAT/GST review?

  • VAT/GST is often neglected
  • Impacts a large proportion of company transactions
  • High probability for errors
  • Potential for large refunds
  • VAT/GST can be very complicated and misunderstood


Data Acquisition

A simple download of the relevant years transactions is presented to us (or can be extracted by us).

Analysis and Identification

We work off-site. We have cutting edge processes and the latest data mining software at our disposal. Added to that, we have some of the most experienced personnel in the business, with decades worth of VAT/GST reviews behind them. We go further than merely checking for missed inputs on accounts payable. We have a holistic, risk based approach.

Presentation of findings

We will present our findings in a report together with supporting schedules. We will also advise on any weaknesses identified in your processes. Once you are in agreement, we will assist with the reclaim from SARS.

Reclaim of VAT/GST

We will assist with the reclaim of any VAT/GST savings.

Fee on receipt of reclaim

We only invoice once the VAT/GST is repaid by the authorities, either in the form of a refund or a reduced payment on the next return.

Overseas VAT recovery


Save up to 25% of your overseas travel expenses.

We are a leading provider of International VAT services.

We specialise in maximising VAT refunds for all clients, from SME’s to large corporations.

What VAT can be recovered?

  • Hotel and Accommodation
  • Restaurant meals
  • Telephone costs
  • Exhibition costs
  • Conference costs
  • Events
  • Marketing and promotional costs
  • Diesel and petrol
  • Road tolls
  • Car rental
  • Taxi
  • Equipment and tooling
  • Certain professional fees
  • Other costs


Which countries?

  • Many European Countries including the UK, Netherlands, France and many more.
  • Australia, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea
  • Others

Each country has it’s own rules relating to qualifying expenses and reciprocal rules apply in the case of some countries. We can advise on the above.

The process

  • You provide us with original invoices relating to overseas travel
  • We assess invoices to determine if reclaimable
  • We submit reclaim to overseas tax authorities
  • We liaise with tax offices
  • We liaise with suppliers if corrected invoices required.
  • We receive VAT refund from overseas authorities
  • We pay into your bank account


Our team

  • Highly experienced staff with many years working in VAT
  • Staff and associates worldwide that have previously worked for tax authorities
  • Prompt and professional service

Customs duties reviews


Our team

  • Ex SARS and HMRC duty specialists with many years experience
  • Proven track records


An unnecessary cost

Customs duties and Vat can be one of the biggest areas of lost profits for any importer. Often, the duty cost of imports receives little attention, even from the large importers.

The complexities

Duty is payable, usually as a percentage of the value of the goods, using one of the 14,000 or so classification codes contained in the customs tariff. There are also various types of relief such as tariff quotas and duty suspensions, and a number of regimes which are either administratively helpful or which actually reduce or nullify duty cost. All these variations can intro-duce further complexity and risk of error.

Our duty expertise

We use a dedicated team of ex-SARS and HMRC duty specialists to review all transactions originating with the purchase of goods produced outside Africa and subsequently imported into South Africa for consumption or use. This team has decades of experience gained within customs and excise, and is ably supported by a dedicated infrastructure covering IT, client care, legal, and clerical matters.

The technical knowledge gained with SARS is combined with the awareness of what is of value to the client.

Our fee

Our duty review service is undertaken on a no refund - no fee basis.

Accounts payable duplicates


The shear volume of transactions can make duplicate transactions inevitable in larger organisations. Duplicate payments occur for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Supplier set up twice
  • Staff turnover
  • Systems changes
  • Deliberate circumvention of controls
  • Human error
  • Delayed payment
  • Reorganisations
  • Others

What we do

We provide a 100% review of accounts payable transactions.

The process


Obtain data

We work with your AP and/or IT staff to extract data quickly but comprehensively. W e ensure that all duplicates payments are identified and correctly matched off against credit notes, refunds and offsets. We then focus on the remaining duplicates for collection.
The review is performed predominately off-system, off site with minimal staff input. In our experience staff will be involved at most one or two days during the entire assignment.

Recover lost profits

We recover potential duplicates on your behalf. At no additional cost, we can also produce a variety of management reports, identify-ing historical errors and also highlighting system weaknesses.

Conduct review

Accounts payable statement review

statementreview.jpgMany businesses are aware of the losses from unclaimed statement credits, but cannot afford to allocate already stretched resources to review supplier statements.

What we do

Review supplier statements to identify credits that have not been applied.

The process

A highly efficient process is applied to review the supplier statements and all unclaimed credits are verified and documented.
We liaise with suppliers to request statements and confirm approval to take up credits.


The result

Enhanced controls and performance to ensure missed credits and cash balances are identified and claimed.

Contract compliance

contract.jpgContracts are often negotiated, signed, filed and never checked until/unless a dispute arises. There are generally no controls in place to ensure/check that agreed contract terms are complied with, often resulting in overcharging and overpayment.

What we do

Identify suppliers with which a large volume of transactions are entered into and check the invoices at line item level against the contract terms to identify overcharges and overpayments.

The process


Obtain data

We work with your AP and/or IT staff to extract data and contracts quickly and comprehensively.

Conduct review

We check invoices and payments against contract terms and identify overcharges and overpayments for collection or credit/offset.

Recover lost profits

We recover overpayments from the supplier.

Rebate & deal management


Including volume rebates, settlement discounts, promotional rebates, allowances, etc.

Suppliers regularly offer and agree many types of rebates and allowances with different structures and these are seldom actively monitored, calculated and claimed. Instead the client normally relies on the supplier to make the relevant adjustments to prices, invoices and statements.

  • Obtain data - Contracts, emails, price sheets, etc.
  • Prepare/develop rate cards
  • Reconcile each agreement to claims
  • Liaise and recover underclaims